Retailer of the Week
Store manager April Katavich, and Lottery sales rep Kerry Walley
Week of June 10, 2019

Cigarette Outlet

382 E. Waterloo Road
Cigarette Outlet Named Retailer-of-the-Week
AKRON, OH – Every customer that walks into Cigarette Outlet is greeted. Store owner John Ankney and his staff maintain a friendly atmosphere that makes customers feel welcome and keeps them coming back. Ankney and his staff have formed close relationships with their customers; they know what customers buy and usually have it ready when a customer walks in. A dedication to customer service and Lottery sales is why Cigarette Outlet is this week’s Ohio Lottery Retailer-of-the-Week.

To help promote the Lottery, they have created a “Lottery Lounge” – a sitting area where customers can sit and play Lottery. The “Lottery Lounge” even has a KENO monitor. A second chance drawing is held here every month. The winner gets to choose $25 worth of Lottery tickets!

Cigarette Outlet has been an Ohio Lottery retailer for over 20 years. They have built their Lottery business by asking customers if they would like to purchase Lottery games. All Lottery point of sale is displayed so that customers know what is new. Staff is very knowledgeable about all facets of the Lottery and take the time to answer any customer questions.

Lottery Sales Representative Kerry Walley notes that Mr. Ankney and his staff have a true desire to be one of the top providers of Lottery for their customers. Their enthusiasm for the Lottery is evident because they are always looking for new ways to keep their current customers as well as attract new customers.

In order to be a successful Lottery retailer, Ankney offers this advice: ask customers for the sale! You’d be surprised how many people who usually don’t buy Lottery tickets will say, “Sure, pick me out a scratch off,” or, “Yeah, give me a Mega ticket”. Make sure all scratch offs are visible and see that your staff is educated on all things Lottery. Display winners in your store for customers to see.

Cigarette Outlet averages $10,345 in weekly sales for scratch offs and online games. This retailer carries an average of 52 scratch offs from over the counter.

Each week the Ohio Lottery recognizes one outstanding retail partner who offers courteous service and sales enthusiasm. Retailer-of-the-Week is chosen based on recommendations from the store’s sales representative and regional sales office staff. Cigarette Outlet will be recognized on Cash Explosion® on Saturday, June 15.

Summit County residents can tune into Cash Explosion® on WEWS TV 5 in Cleveland. The Cash Explosion show is carried on 10 stations across the state every Saturday at 7:30 p.m.

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