Steps To Set Up Mobile Cashing

1 Launch the Ohio Lottery Mobile App
2 Tap Scan
Scan $50 - $5000 winning ticket
3 Tap Cash Out
4 Log in to MyLotto Rewards® or create a new account
Accept Terms & Conditions
Tap Cash Out
5 Tap Get Started
6 Verify account by tapping send code
A 5-digit code will be sent to mobile phone
7 Type the 5-digit code
Press Submit Code
8 Update your personal information
Accept Terms & Conditions
Tap Verify Identity
9 Tap add a bank
10 Enter bank account information
Tap Save Account
11 Tap Yes to cash out now
12 Select which account to transfer your winnings
Tap Review Transfer
13 Review the details
Press Submit Transfer
14 Please allow 1-3 business days for bank transactions
*The first transaction can take 7-10 business days
15 An email confirmation will be sent to the email associated with your MyLotto Rewards® account
16 To view transaction history select My Account found in Rewards
17 Tap Mobile Cashing Transaction History
18 Preview all mobile cashing transactions
Tap Ticket Cashed to expand details