Got Ohio Lottery questions?


The Ohio Lottery Alexa Skill is everything you need to stay up-to-date on drawings and more, without so much as lifting a finger.

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What It Is

Skills are voice-driven capabilities that enhance and personalize your Amazon Echo devices. If you have an Amazon account or would like to sign up for an Amazon account, you can click here to enable now.

Get The Ohio Lottery Alexa Skill

You can also search for and enable skills in the Alexa app and from the Alexa Skills store on the Amazon website. If you've opened the Alexa app or logged into your Amazon account, you can say, "Enable Ohio Lottery."

Skill availability is limited to Ohio users 18 years of age or older.

How It Works

Using your Amazon Echo device, prompt Alexa to ask Ohio Lottery your question about the latest in draw games and retailer locations. Simply say, "Alexa, Ask Ohio Lottery..." or "Alexa, Open Ohio Lottery," followed by your question. See below for ideas on what to ask.

What You Can Ask Alexa

About the Latest Draw Games Numbers

  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery for the latest Pick 3 numbers.
  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery what are today's Rolling Cash 5 numbers?
  • Alexa, tell me what last night's Classic Lotto numbers are.*

About the Next Drawing

  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery when is the next Rolling Cash 5 drawing?*
  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery when is the closest Lucky for Life drawing?
  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery what time is the next Powerball drawing?

Where You Can Find a Retailer

  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery where is the closest place I can buy lottery tickets?*
  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery where can I buy lottery tickets in [CITY OR ZIP CODE]?*
  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery to find a store in [CITY OR ZIP CODE] that sells lottery tickets.

To Pick a Random Set of Game Numbers for You

  • Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery to choose random Pick 5 numbers.
  • Alexa, pick my Mega Millions numbers for me.*

*Sample Utterances can be made only when a user opens the Ohio Lottery skill by saying "Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery ..." or immediately after someone opens the Ohio Lottery skill (Alexa, open Ohio Lottery). Location is based on location settings within a user's Amazon account.


FAQs and Troubleshooting

What Is Alexa?

Alexa is Amazon's cloud-based voice service.

How Do I Open the Skill?

To engage the skill, simply say, "Hey Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery" followed by your question.
  • For example: "Hey Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery to tell me today's Pick 5 numbers."

Another way for users to open the skill is by saying, "Alexa, open Ohio Lottery," and after hearing the Ohio Lottery skill open, you can then ask your question.

What Games Can I Ask about Using the Skill?

Alexa responds primarily to questions about Draw Games and Pick Games. There are a few questions about Progressive Draw Games and KENO and The Lucky Ones. Be sure to specifically say the game name when you ask your question.

Best Games to Ask Alexa
  • Pick 3
  • Pick 4
  • Pick 5
  • Rolling Cash 5
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
  • Classic Lotto
  • Lucky for Life

What if Alexa Doesn't Understand the Question?

Try asking your question again at a slower pace. Remember to speak clearly.

Try asking your question again. This time in a different way.

  • For example, if you asked: "Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery when the next Powerball is." Try changing it to: "Alexa, ask Ohio Lottery when they will draw the next Powerball numbers."

Alexa Isn't Responding to Questions? What Do I Do?

You may have been logged out of the skill by accident. If Alexa doesn't seem to recognize your question, say "Alexa, Ask Ohio Lottery ..." followed by your question to log back in.

Get The Ohio Lottery Alexa Skill


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