Ticket Seller News


Here are top stories and other news in the July 2022 issue.

  • Summertime events and the Ohio Lottery. Take advantage of Ohio Lottery perks at various events across the state. If you find yourself in Columbus, be sure to visit the Ohio Lottery booth at the Ohio State Fair – and share these great opportunities with customers.
  • The Cash Explosion Super Show. We’re counting down the days until the taping of Cash Explosion’s 35th anniversary show July 31. We invite all Ohio Lottery fans to join us!
  • Upcoming scratch-off coupon mailing.  The next scratch-off coupon is scheduled to arrive in mailboxes around the end of the month.  Earn more business by assisting customers with this latest offer, which provides $1, $2 or $5 off a scratch-off purchase or a $500 cash prize. 
  • Taking Care of Business: improving sales performance. We provide some data-driven advice to improve scratch-off sales.
  • Big Winners. See where the biggest April and May scratch-offs have been sold around the state.