Ticket Seller News


Here are a few top stories and other news.

  • Spotlight: $10 Money Multiplier.  The next “Gigantix” ticket goes on sale March 30. Each ticket offers five games to play and a variety of prize multipliers, a customer favorite.
  • KENO Clutch 3 promotion.  The promotion runs from noon to midnight on select college tournament game days, March 19-April 5. Get your KENO Clutch Three poster.
  • Big Instant Winners. Customers love to hear about winners. Post January and February’s biggest scratch-off winners by your play station.
  • Responsible Gambling. Get some tips to keep Ohio Lottery game play fun. Here’s a Keep it Fun tip sheet.
  • Retailer Incentive Program. Find out who the RIP top performers were for the second quarter of the fiscal year, October-December 2020.
  • Financial relief for small businesses.  Take advantage of CARES Act relief assembled by the DeWine administration for small businesses, including bars and restaurants.  Be sure to share important information on rent and mortgage relief to help employees and others who may benefit. https://businesshelp.ohio.gov/