Ticket Seller News


Here are top stories and other news in the January 2022 issue.

  • Top 10 goals for the New Year. Pick a few that are new to you and work with your sales representative to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. We know you can do it. Share this list of goals with your key Lottery-selling employees.
  • Taking Care of Business: Vending solutions. Steps to take when a ticket does not dispense from your WinStation vending machine. 
  • FY21 in Review: Get highlights on game performance, winners and more. 
  • Big Winners. See where the big winners for November scratch-offs were sold.
  • Spotlight on Monopoly 200x. Learn more about our newest $30 scratch-off.
  • Redemption notice for Lottery Cash and Lottery Coupons. The first batch of Lottery Cash and coupons expire Dec. 31. A new batch, released mid-November, can be used at retail, including all Ohio Lottery vending machines. These latest Lottery Cash and coupons are good through June 30, 2022.