KENO News Page

Check out the Fall Kenotes and breaking news for retailers who are fans of Keno and all our social games.

  • Keno Extra Helping. Just in time for Thanksgiving, we’re offering a special promotion Friday, Nov. 18, to Wednesday, Nov. 23, for any $20 Keno purchase. Here’s an extra copy of our Keno Extra Helping poster.
  • More Keno promotions. Check out the issue for details on Light up the Fun (Thursday, Dec. 8) and Keno Countdown (Saturday, Dec. 31). Links to Light up the Fun and Keno Countdown posters coming soon.
  • Salute to our Keno Million Dollar Club members.  We added 125 retailers to the list. Check out the retailers from northern Ohio who became Keno Million Dollar Club members this past year. We’ll offer our salute to our Keno Million Dollar Club retailers from central and southern Ohio in the spring Kenotes.
  • Keno Certified Experts. Check out a few of our recent Tip Jar Tuesday winners. Not a member of our team of Keno Certified Experts? Join today!
  • Keno Big Winners.  Post this Keno Big Winners list for the months of July through September for your Keno fans. We even had a $500,000 winner in September!