KENO News Page

Check out the Spring Kenotes, with highlights and breaking news below for retailers who are fans of KENO and all our social games.

  • Get ready for KENO Clutch Three. We add to the excitement of college basketball tournament season by offering customers $1, 3-spot play with the purchase of a $20 single-ticket KENO purchase. Look here for another copy of the KENO Clutch Three poster. 
  • KENO promotional calendar. Get ahead of the game with this list of KENO promotions through June 2023.
  • Salute to our KENO Million Dollar Club members.  Check out the retailers from central and southern Ohio who joined the FY22 Class of the KENO Million Dollar Club. You’ll find the new KENO Million Dollar Club members from northern Ohio in the Fall 2022 Kenotes. Here’s the newest member list.
  • KENO Certified Experts. Experts get exclusive access to KENO conversation and more by joining our KENO Certified Expert Facebook group. Look inside the Spring Kenotes for our latest Tip Jar Tuesday promotion winners, who each took home a $100 gift card for their participation. Join today!