KENO News Page

Check out the Fall Kenotes, with highlights and breaking news below for retailers who are fans of Keno and all our social games.

  • KENO Extra Lives. Enjoy the fun of the Halloween season with KENO Extra Lives, running Oct 21-31. Learn more about the promotion and the ones that follow – Extra Helping and Winter Funderland. Download any you need.
  • Top Bar/Tavern Retailers of FY23. See what retailers earned a spot as a top seller for KENO, Lucky One, EZPLAY® and Tap games.
  • KENO Million Dollar Club. See the bars, taverns, restaurants and clubs who earned this distinction in FY23. This issue showcased bar/tavern retailers from central and southern Ohio.
  • KENO Winners. See where some of our biggest KENO winners have recently been sold. Consider posting these big KENO winners.
  • Point of Sale. Talk to your sales representative for any point of sale needs.
  • Perks for KENO Certified Experts. Meet some of our recent Tip Jar Tuesday winners! KENO retailers and staff are encouraged to sign up.