Frequently Asked Questions

For assistance with your MyLotto Rewards® account please visit the HELP center at

Do I need an email address to enter tickets online?


Can I enter tickets for friends/family/co-workers on my account?

No; the name of the person on the account is considered the owner of the ticket.

Can I still mail my tickets to the Game Show P.O. Box?

For Cash Explosion Tickets with the word ENTRY appearing 3 times: Players may enter mailing tickets to the Game Show P.O. Box 94705, Cleveland OH 44101.

Cash Explosion Cashword tickets must be submitted online through this site.

How can I see the number of entries I submitted online into a drawing?

Go to "Drawing Entries" (located in your "My Account" page). You’ll find all the details for each drawing you’ve entered, including drawing name, date entered and number of entries.

If I enter my tickets for a drawing and do not win, can I enter them for another drawing?

No. Entries can only be entered once. Duplicate entries (either online or online and through the mail combined) will be disqualified.

Can I enter a drawing more than once?

YES! You may enter a drawing as many times as you wish, however, each entry requires the use of a separate qualifying entry ticket.

How do I find out if I have been selected as a contestant?

Contestant’s names and hometowns are announced on the Cash Explosion® Show and posted on the Cash Explosion Website at The week following the show, contestants will be contacted by the Cash Explosion® staff.

How are the Cash Explosion contestants selected?

MyLotto entries are divided into small, equal groups of entries called virtual bins. Each virtual bin is numbered. The internet entries are combined with the entries received through the mail. A random number generator will determine where each contestant selection is to come from. If a selection comes from the entries received through the mail, a Cash Explosion® representative will reach into the mail bin and select an envelope. If the selection comes from the internet entries, the random number generator will also select an entry.

What are my chances of becoming a contestant?

Your odds of winning will vary, based on the total number of entries that are received for a drawing and the total number of entries that you have submitted.

How can I get some help?

If you have more questions about the Cash Explosion website and game, please send us an e-mail at with as much detail as possible.