Enter Your Tickets Online

Frequently Asked Questions

I found the word ENTRY on a Cash Explosion ticket, what do I do?
If you found ENTRY three times on a Cash Explosion ticket or in the Bonus Play box on a Cash Explosion Cashword ticket you are eligible to enter the weekly contestant drawing.  Click here for instructions.

Can I enter a drawing more than once?
Each ticket may only be entered into one drawing, but you may submit separate entries for the same drawing.

Is it better to mail my entry in or to submit it online? Which has better odds?
All tickets received within that week, whether online or in the mail, are entered into the same drawing. The tickets are all entered into the same drawing, therefore your odds are the same.

What are my chances of becoming a contestant?
Your odds of winning will vary, based on the total number of entries that are received for a drawing and the total number of entries that you have submitted.

When do Cash Explosion drawings occur?
Cash Explosion conducts contestant drawings weekly, in which 8 players are chosen for an upcoming show.  The announcement schedule can be found here.

How are the Cash Explosion contestants selected?
Online entries are divided into small, equal groups of entries called virtual bins. Each virtual bin is numbered. The online entries are combined with the entries received through the mail in physical bins. A random number generator will determine which bin each contestant selection is to come from. If a selection comes from the entries received through the mail, a Cash Explosion® representative is blindfolded and will reach into the mail bin to select an envelope. If the selection comes from online entries, the random number generator will also select an entry.

How do I find out if I have been selected as a contestant?
Contestant’s names and hometowns are announced weekly on the Cash Explosion® Television Show and posted on the Contestants web page. Announced contestants will be contacted by a Cash Explosion® Team Member via phone, email or USPS, usually within a week of the announcement date. It is important to correctly fill out the back of the ticket and/or make sure your My Lotto account information is up to date. 

Can I mail my Cash Explosion Cashword ticket in?
No, Cash Explosion Cashword tickets must be submitted online using a MyLotto Rewards account. Click here for instructions.