Lottery Sports Gaming Proprietors


A type C sports gaming proprietor will be required to offer a full-service retail solution for each licensed host location. Proprietor licenses will be issued by the Ohio Casino Control Commission (OCCC) and regulated by the Ohio Lottery. The Lottery will contract with each proprietor and review suitability factors including equipment and monitoring capabilities, integrity compliance, and minimum internal control standards (MICS). 

Proprietors will also be required to contract directly with each licensed host location they partner with. The contract will include but is not limited to; compensation to hosts, equipment and installation, field service and maintenance, employee training, marketing, prize processing, and customer service support.

Proprietor Listing

The below section lists potential proprietors and their contact information. It is encouraged that pre-approved host locations reach out to proprietors to find a partner in advance of submitting their Host license application.

Proprietors that have submitted an OCCC application

Potential proprietors listed in this section have submitted a formal application with OCCC for a type C proprietor license by the July 15th initial application window.
Please note, the listing is not a guarantee for licensure and does not constitute an OCCC license. The listing is subject to change as new information is received and proprietor applications continue to be submitted.

Elys Game Technology and Wright Bet Ventures Full-Service Sportsbook Solution UBetOhio (Green Bear Gaming Development, LLC) Intralot: Retail Lottery Sports Gaming Solution BetSkyBox (Skybox Sports Network, Inc) Iron Gate Gaming J&J Ventures Gaming of Ohio, LLC Gold Rush Amusements, LLC
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  • Contact | George Lange and Curtis Takiguchi | Phone: 614.655.8483

Bulletins & Notices

The Lottery will publicize monthly bulletins for proprietors with updates to any new or revised operating procedures that are issued.

Proprietor Operating Standards

Below is a listing of current operating standards for proprietors to reference for compliance.

Proprietor Stakeholder Meetings

  • Click here for a copy of the Power Point that was presented at the Live Event, held on May 16.

If you are interested in becoming a type C sports gaming proprietor, please contact