KENO Certified Expert Training

  • KENO Certified Expert Training

    What is KENO Certified Expert Training?
    KENO Certified Expert Training is an online tool that can be accessed using a smartphone or computer at This helpful guide will arm you and your employees with all the tools you need to serve your customers and keep them coming back to play KENO again and again. It consists of five levels explaining how the game is played and what you and your staff can do to promote it. Once all levels are completed, participants are on their way to becoming Certified KENO Experts. And certification has its benefits. Not only will they be more knowledgeable, they’ll get a custom T-shirt, Lottery swag, tips on upcoming promotions and more. Remember, KENO is a fun game. And fun to learn. The sooner you and your staff get started, the sooner you’ll bring in more customers and generate more revenue for your business!
  • KENO Certified Expert locations (PDF)
    There are currently 862 certified expert locations.