Responsible Gaming Is Always A Good Idea!

This week marks Responsible Gaming Education Week, and it's our opportunity to remind you that gambling responsibly is the key to keeping it fun!

Responsible Gaming Education Week, September 19 through the 25, provides an opportunity for gaming employees to refresh their responsible gaming training, promote transparency and gaming literacy to customers, and work with community partners on advancing responsible gaming initiatives.

At the Ohio Lottery, we want our players to have fun when playing our games, and that means knowing the limits.

We promote responsible play year round with our advertising campaigns and website which offers a number of resources for players any anyone who is curious about responsible play. 

When you visit Keep It Fun Ohio, we'll give you the myths and facts about gambling. 

You can also use the Costulator to see how much you're really spending on gambling.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a gambling problem, call the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-589-9966.

Posted: 9/19/2021 10:27:44 AM