New Scratch-Offs for September

If the heat of the summer has you begging for something cool, give our four new Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs a try! You can scratch them in the comfort of the air conditioning in your car, at home and even at the counter in some Ohio Lottery retail locations starting September 1!

Try the $1 Scratch-Off Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Reveal a CHICKEN and win the prize shown below that symbol. Reveal an EGG symbol and win ALL 6 prizes shown! You could win up to $5,000.

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Get your comedy fix with the $2 Three Stooges scratch-off. This ticket has over $6.5 million in total cash prizes. You could win up to $10,000. 

The $5 Scratch-Off Lots of $500s has a top prize of $150,000. Find a $50 burst symbol and win $50 automatically or find a bill symbol and win all 15 prizes shown! Keep an eye on our Facebook page September 7-9 for a special Lots of $500 promotion and your chance to win Lots of $500s scratch-offs.

The newest $10 scratch-off is Platinum Millionaire. This scratch-off gives you a shot at a $1,000,000. Look for the 10X and 20X symbols to multiply your prize shown and the MONEYBAG symbol to win all 20 prizes shown.

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Posted: 8/31/2020 9:47:36 AM