September Partners in Education Winners

The school year got off to a great start in Ohio as we recognized several students and teachers across the state for their hard work and dedication in and out of the classroom. 

Casey Mobley is a sophomore at Wadsworth High School who is described as a role model student for his Spanish class. He plays numerous instruments and is in the school’s band and wind ensemble. He has also recently been selected as a section leader for next year’s marching band. Casey was accepted into the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony and the Akron Youth Symphony. He is described as kind and is willing to help others with math homework. Being a dedicated musician and student make him an Academic All Star in so many ways.

Matt BauknechtHats off to Matt Bauknecht, a third-grade student at St. Mary Elementary Hyde Park. “Matt is one of my hardest working gymnastic students,” says gymnastic coach Karol Warden. “Matt is an honor student and works hard on community projects with his parents.” He is described as role model for students and is willing to help those who are struggling in the classroom. He plays many sports and truly enjoys his time on and off the field.

Sixth grade teacher Mary ThereseMary Therese Konrad Konrad teaches at Rocky River Middle School where she makes an impact every day. “Mrs. Konrad planned and executed a One Book One Day program where the entire school read the book 'All of the Above' in one school day,” says principal Megan Rose. "She wrote a grant for our Education foundation to get each student a copy of the book to take home.” The program was a great way to learn something new and encourage reading.

Sarah Rothhaar is a social studies teacher at William CrawfordSarah Rothhaar Intermediate who knocks it out of the  park when it comes to teaching. Administrator April Bond says, “Ms. Rothhaar is one of the most caring, compassionate, motivated and hardworking teachers I have had the opportunity to supervise. She is positive with students and colleagues, and she takes pride in her work. Ms. Rothhaar goes above and beyond as she not only teaches history, she lives it. As a reenactor, she is continuously bringing in her outside knowledge and experience, helping to keep students engaged. Her compassion for students is second to none.”
Danielle GeorgeDixie Middle School teacher Danielle George has taken on many leadership roles at the school. “What separates her from her peers is that she will do almost anything for her students and staff without asking why,” says principal Thom Maxwell. She is a mentor and a good go-to person for the principal to rely on. She works with all the students in the building and teaches seventh grade math.Amy Hoffman

Teacher Amy Hoffman makes a difference at Woodland Elementary school by teaching students with  multiple disabilities. Some have medical challenges and others have behavioral challenges. “Amy sees a challenge with a student and embraces it,” says administrator John Wise. “Mrs. Hoffman bends over backwards to communicate with her parents and her large group of educator support in the classroom to help her students be successful.” She encourages her students to grow and uses many resources to help her students with academic challenges.
Kindergarten teacher Jenny Stuckman is compassionate and caring. She can bring out the best in students and enable them to do things that they may have never been able to do before. Jenny is willing to go the extra mile to work with students and encourage them to be the best they can be. She recently worked with an anxious student and gained their trust by nurturing them and letting them know that all things are possible. She is a hard worker and is a dedicated staff member at Walnut Elementary School.

Brittany LubbeFourth grade math and social studies teacher Brittany Lubbe is doing outstanding work both in and out of the classroom. She works hard to include all students in the classroom activities and makes sure that everyone can achieve their goals. She and another teacher started the annual wax museum and Brittany initiated the “shoe-tying ambassador” program where students teach first graders to tie their shoes. She is a motivator for students and is described as an excellent teacher. Chestnut Elementary School is lucky to have Brittany Lubbe!

Danica Ronghi was nominated by a student for never giving up on students and pushing them to try their hardest. She is described as making learning fun “even with COVID.” Danica is a Spanish teacher at McDonald High School.Heather Laird

Crestview Elementary’s kindergarten teacher Heather Laird is a Teacher of the Month because she goes above and beyond for her parents and students. Heather really cares about her students and is described as detailed, caring and organized. She keeps the kids engaged and keeps parents informed. Each child in her classroom feels special and they know that Mrs. Laird really cares about them.

Jordan HillAlexander High School nominated Jordan Hill because he is a true leader and teacher both in the classroom and the community. He teaches leadership and life skills to eighth grade students and makes an impact on them each day. “He teaches students life skills that allow them to be successful in their core classes and in life as well, ” says administrator Megan Karr. “He not only teaches these things but is a constant model of respect and responsibility for our students.” His leadership class recently created a beautiful display of flags on the front lawn to recognize and remember the individuals who lost their lives on 9/11. “Mr. Hill facilitated not only leadership in these students but also instilled a sense of teamwork, American pride and unity while sharing this memorial with our entire community,” says Karr.

Congratulations to all our September Partners in Education winners! You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by Clicking Here. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month.
Posted: 10/19/2021 10:17:42 AM