Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week!

Every player has their favorite retailer, and this week Waterville Carry-Out has earned a place in the Retailer-of-the-Week spotlight!

If you're looking for friendly and welcoming staff, check out Waterville Carry-Out, located at 747 Michigan Ave. in Waterville.

The store has sold two winning $1 million Powerball tickets in the last two years! 

They're always stocked with plenty of scratch-offs, and they're ready for you to stop by and play Ohio Lottery games in their dedicated Lottery play area.  

The clerks at Waterville Carry-Out will get to know you, and when they do, they'll have your tickets ready when you come in.  

Friendly and helpful service is the name of the game at Waterville Carry-Out! Stop by and see them today.


Posted: 10/4/2021 10:45:22 AM