CLE Wins the Roll for Ohio!

IMG_2143.JPGThere's nothing like some friendly competition, and we got it going between Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati in our Roll for Ohio Skee Ball event Thursday night.
The events were held simultaneously at Masthead Brewery in Cleveland,  North High Brewing in Columbus and Taft's Brewing Company in Cincinnati and they centered around Skee Ball and our own Skee Ball instant ticket and EZPlay games. Anyone who rolled a game of Skee Ball got a free instant ticket and an entry to win one of a number of prizes awarded throughout the night. We gave away concert tickets, a gaming console, $250 gift cards and a book of Skee Ball instant tickets in random drawings throughout the night.

A live stream from each location along with the scores updating in real time kept each city in the loop on who was in the lead and kept the cheering and excitement high. Columbus came out of the gates hot leading the pack for the first part of the tournament before Cincinnati got going to take the lead. Cleveland came alive with a sizable lead over both cities before a back and forth battle for first with Cincinnati going into the home stretch. In the end Cleveland won the bragging rights as the See Ball champ with a scoring 83,480 points. Cincinnati came in second with 81,100 and Columbus came in third with a score of 66,190. 

We couldn't have asked for a more exciting night of fun and friendly competition! Check out our Facebook page for a complete gallery of all of the photos from the night.
Posted: 10/26/2018 11:29:29 AM