$1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot brings Mega excitement to Ohio


When the Mega Millions jackpot soared to $1.6 billion, it was an exciting time for Ohio Lottery players and all those who work to bring the game to life.

In the early morning hours of Oct. 24, a few hours after the 11 p.m. drawing the night before, we learned that South Carolina hit the jackpot. How did Ohio do?

Ohio sold one ticket that matched all five numbers without the Mega Ball. That ticket, sold by Bee Gee’s Minit Market of Kettering, earned the lucky ticket holder a $1-million prize. Bee Gee’s Minit Market has earned a reputation as a favorite site to play Lottery games in the greater Dayton area, catering to many long-term, loyal customers. The store is also the region’s top Mega Millions retailer.

When owner Mike Sliger received a text from a local reporter at 7 a.m. Oct. 24, the morning after the draw, he wondered what had happened.  A call soon after from the Dayton regional office confirmed that he had sold the second-tier, $1-million prize.

That day went well. “It’s very exciting. Everyone is having a good time,” Mike said. Local TV stations and the local daily newspaper visited throughout the day.  The winner, whoever he or she is, used auto pick to choose the winning numbers.

Mike says the $1,000 bonus the store receives for selling the winning ticket will be split among his employees.  That’s a promise he made before the drawing.  “They work hard for us,” he said.

Ohio had two tickets matching 4-of-5 numbers plus the Megaplier, earning each ticket holder $30,000.  Sagarmatha International Grocery in Fairfield and Giant Eagle #6519 on West Broad Street in Columbus sold each. Ohio Lottery customers held more than 530,000 winning Mega Millions tickets for the drawing, sharing $12.6 million in prizes. 

The jackpot run began July 27.

Learn more about Mega Millions and the Ohio Lottery at www.ohiolottery.com.

Ohio’s Mega Millions players have 180 days from the draw date to make their claim on any prizes in this drawing. https://www.ohiolottery.com/Claiming/Index



Posted: 10/24/2018 11:37:49 AM