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Thankful for Winners!

We're a week out from the Thanksgiving holiday, but that doesn't mean we can't shout some thanks for our Ohio Lottery winners.

Olen and Dylan are thankful for each other - they're best friends!

But they're also thankful for a $1,000,000 win on the Billion scratch-off. 

Tony's Wine Barrel in Akron sold the winning ticket.

John has a cool new winner shirt to sport along with his $1,000 win on Merry and Bright.

He picked up his winning ticket at Marathon Food Center in Albany.

Devin played KENO at Hooley House Sports Pub & Grille and won $8,000!

Jason played Bingo X50 and won $100,000! Quick Shop Mart in Cleveland sold the winning ticket. 

Tung picked up a $100,000 win playing Powerball!

He bought his winning ticket at Speedy Gas in Cleveland.

His lucky day came on October 11, 2023 when he matched four numbers plus the Powerball to win $100,000.

Winning is fun, and so is telling your winning story.

You can share your winning story on our winner story page by submitting a video or a photo!
Posted: 11/29/2023 12:47:41 PM

Be a responsible gifter!

It's that time of year when gift-giving is in full force, and Ohio Lottery tickets often come to the rescue of last-minute shoppers - but we don't want you to make the mistake of gifting lottery tickets to anyone under the age of 18.

Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs are often a choice for a last-minute gift add-on or stocking stuffer, but they are not for kids.

We want to remind our players and retail partners that lottery tickets are for adults aged 18 and over and are not suitable gifts for minors.

Every year the Ohio Lottery joins the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and McGill University’s International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors and several other lotteries in the national holiday campaign to increase public awareness about the serious issue of youth gambling.

Did you know that research by the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) shows that early childhood gambling experiences, including those with lottery products, can be a risk factor for gambling problems later in life? 

The Ohio Lottery is engaged in many responsible gambling programs to encourage responsible gambling. See our holiday spot encouraging responsible gifting here.

If you or someone you know has a gambling problem, help is available. Call the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-589-9966.

You can find additional responsible gambling resources here.
Posted: 11/27/2023 1:24:37 PM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, 821 Carryout

821 Carryout in Byesville is this week’s Retailer-of-the-Week!

You can easily find your favorite Ohio Lottery games at the main entrance of the store, and you will be greeted with a smile when you enter.

The staff has formed good relationships with customers to create a loyal customer base in the community.

Stop by 821 Carryout in Byesville for your next Ohio Lottery purchase.
Posted: 11/27/2023 10:53:55 AM

More Holiday Scratch-Offs Coming Soon!

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time to focus on your holiday shopping list! We’ve got some new holiday scratch-offs that could make perfect gift add-ons for your friends and family age 18 and up.

Try the $1 scratch-off Snow Bank. Some people groan at the sight of snow, but in this game, you want the snowflake symbol! If you find it, you win all seven prizes shown. The top prize is $500.

The $2 scratch-off Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer has a $10,000 top prize! You don’t want your grandma to encounter any flying sleighs, but you’ll want to find a sleigh symbol in the game because it doubles the prize shown. If you reveal a prize in the bonus spot, you win that prize.

Cash Flurry is back! This $5 scratch-off has a top prize of $150,000. Play each line separately, and when you match three like symbols in one line, you win the prize shown. This game also has six bonus games!

When it’s cold outside you wear a coat, but When It’s Gold Outside you could win up to $500,000! This $10 scratch-off will have you searching for the gold bars and multiplier symbols from 10X to 50X! And don’t forget to flip  the ticket over to play the game on the back.

The newest $20 scratch-off is Maximum Millions. Winning tickets total $25 and higher, and there are over $59 million in cash prizes. The game’s top prize is $2 million!

These new scratch-offs will be available at your favorite Ohio Lottery retailer on November 28. Learn more about all of our Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs here.
Posted: 11/25/2023 10:14:04 AM

Beware of Scams this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for scams – especially Lottery scams! If you receive a call or email that seems too good toscam alert be true, it probably is. 

For example, some have reported receiving a call from “Winners International” claiming that they were a “Senior Select Powerball Winner of the United States.” 

While we may contact you for MyLotto Rewards drawings, second chance promotions or social media giveaways, we will never call to you let you know you’ve won a Powerball or Mega Millions prize.

Remember – never give out sensitive information over the phone, especially bank account information or your social security number. 

If in doubt, give us a call or send us a message.

Check out more security tips here.
Posted: 11/21/2023 12:00:44 PM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Tavern 62

Tavern 62 in Orient is this week’s Retailer-of-the-Week!

You can grab a bite to eat and play your favorite games at Tavern 62.

And when you win, they'll cash your winning ticket!

The staff at Tavern 62 loves to celebrate with customers when they win, and it makes for a fun environment that customers love.

Congratulations Tavern 62, the Ohio Lottery Retailer-of-the-Week!
Posted: 11/20/2023 10:50:35 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, The Party Place

The Party Place in Mount Orab has been selling Lottery for 25 years, and this week they are the Retailer-of-the-Week!

The staff know their regular customers and the games they like to play, and they always greet customers with a smile.

Scratch-offs are displayed prominently so you can find your favorite games easily.

The staff will answer your Lottery questions, so stop by Party Place for your next Ohio Lottery purchase!
Posted: 11/13/2023 11:47:35 AM

Facing Hunger donation weighs in at 2,845 pounds!

Let’s hear it for our Cash Explosion fans!

Cash Explosion's Facing Hunger Campaign is helping to feed families in need in the Toledo area this

Thanks to our Cash Explosion fans, we were able to donate 2,845 pounds of non-perishable food! 

Yesterday, we made the trip from Cleveland to Toledo to drop off food collected through the annual campaign to the Toledo Northwestern Ohio Food Bank.

The food will help fill the consistent need for meals in the Toledo area. Food bank representatives said that every pound of food they receive can provide a meal for five people.

The Facing Hunger Campaign runs every year from October to March, so if you’re headed to a show bring a food donation and we’ll give you an extra raffle ticket to win merchandise prizes at the taping!

Tuesday's food donation makes more than 31 tons of food donated to food banks across Ohio since 2011.

Learn more about how you can assist hungry families as a volunteer or through donations by visiting the Ohio Association of Foodbanks website linked below. 

How To Help - Ohio Association of Foodbanks (ohiofoodbanks.org)
Posted: 11/8/2023 11:28:47 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Dryden Marathon in Moraine

Dryden Marathon in Moraine is this week’s Retailer-of-the-Week!

The staff at Dryden Marathon makes purchasing Ohio Lottery games easy and fun by providing a clean and fully stocked Lottery area.

Need help? Just as the friendly staff!

They’re enthusiastic about new scratch-offs, too, so you can always find the newest ones in stock.

Give Dryden Marathon in Moraine a try.

Posted: 11/6/2023 10:44:07 AM

September Partners in Education Winners

We are excited for another school year recognizing great students, teachers and schools! The new and improved Partners in Education program brings bigger prizes and a School of the Year nomination.

Don’t miss the latest Partners in Education news! Follow our X page: @OHPartnersinEd

Teachers of the Month Winners

Winners receive a $500 gift card, a prize pack and certificate of excellence.

Nominate a teacher

Nancy Niedermier“Nancy Niedermier is a pioneer in STEM teaching in kindergarten. It isn’t easy to plan and execute project-based learning for younger students, but she is able to take a simple idea or question and turn it into a wonderful learning experience. Her students learn by doing things like planning and creating pieces or their own art. While the kids just think this is ‘fun,’ they are learning how to use the engineering design process to solve problems. Nancy exemplifies leadership within the building and district. She provides math intervention expertise on the building RTI team for students struggling in the classroom. She is the expert that all other teachers can go to for ideas on how to bring STEM into their classrooms. Nancy is not only one of the best teachers in our district, but she is also always willing to lend a hand and is fun to be around. I can’t think of a better example of a person to award Teacher of the Month to!” – Cara Will, Administrator

“My son Rocco just loves Ms. Smolinski. She goesAlison Smolinski above and beyond to help him, especially with reading. She comes up with individual ways to help them succeed. She even uses her own money to buy supplies and rewards to help them stay motivated. I gave her a gift card for her birthday, and she used it for the children. She takes time from her lunch break to keep me informed on his progress and game plan for keeping him on track. She is so easy to talk to and work with. I think all teachers are great, and it's got to be hard selecting a winner, but if it were up to me, I'd select Ms. Smolinski!” – Melanie Wood, Parent     

We surprised Alison with the news! Check out the video here. 

Jessica Brown“Jessica Brown is worthy of the recognition as Teacher of the Month because of her exceptional qualities and contributions that distinguish her. She consistently seeks out the latest teaching methods and technologies to ensure that her students receive the best possible education. However, what truly defines her is her unwavering commitment to student-centered practices. Every decision she makes in the classroom is driven by the desire to create a more engaging and enriching experience for her students. Her dedication extends to ensuring the well-being of each student under her care. She integrates regular check-ins into her class routine, which not only fosters a supportive learning environment but also ensures that students feel valued and understood. Beyond her classroom responsibilities, Miss Brown goes above and beyond her role as a teacher by enthusiastically taking on positions of leadership and student service as a club advisor and coach. With colleagues and students, she has created an atmosphere of trust and support that is invaluable to the culture of our building. Miss Brown exemplifies the qualities and commitments that make an excellent teacher!” – Ashely Morrison, Peer Teacher

Academic All-Star Winners

Academic All-Stars Receive a $100 gift card, a prize pack and a certificate of excellence. 

Nominate a student

“Jamaad keeps very good grades and likes to help otherJamaad Newell kids. Jamaad is so smart he could have his own teaching learning show. He likes do things to keep his mind occupied and going. Winning the award would give him recognition for his good grades, his great attitude and that someone like me, his mother, loves him so much I recognize and see him.” – Georgianna Lynch, Parent

Isabella Beltran“Isabella's kindness and generosity truly shine through in her recent act of taking a new student under her wing. She has gone above and beyond in assisting this newcomer with tasks like locker management and navigating the hallways, making her transition into our school environment much smoother. Isabella's dedication to helping others is truly commendable, especially considering that she herself was a new student at the beginning of the year. Her willingness to pay it forward and support new students demonstrates her admirable character. Moreover, Isabella's excellence extends to the classroom, where she exhibits exceptional diligence and takes immense pride in her work. The quality of her academic achievements is a testament to her commitment and determination. Isabella Beltran is undeniably a role model and an asset to our school community, making her a deserving nominee for this recognition.” – James Emler, Teacher 
Addiesyn Robison
“Addiesyn has worked extremely hard to bring all her grades up to A's and B's. She is also involved in many extracurricular activities. These include soccer, choir, kids on the run and tech club. She had been in the same school system since pre-K but had to transfer school districts at the beginning of this year. It was a big adjustment, but she is thriving!” – Victoria Synder, Parent

Congratulations to our outstanding students and teachers! Don’t forget – you can also nominate a school for School of the Year. Nominations are due by March 10, 2024. 
Posted: 11/2/2023 1:50:52 PM

In the Know!

It's time to kick off the month of November!

This month we have more holiday scratch-offs ready to scratch yourself or gift to your friends 18 and older, and KENO promos are waiting to give you some extras.

Plus, learn about the newest update to our self-serve kiosks and meet some of our Ohio Lottery winners. 

Find it all on In the Know. 
Posted: 11/1/2023 9:35:14 AM

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