New Scratch Offs Coming May 15

Are you ready? May 15 brings a brand-new batch of scratch offs! We’ve got dogs, diamonds, and treasures! 
New-Scratch-Offs-May.pngTry $1 Lucky Dog Doubler for a chance at $1,000. Match three like prize amounts and win that prize. Match two plus a paw symbol and win double the prize automatically! Keep an eye on our social channels for the details on a fun Lucky Dog Doubler promotion for you and your pooch!

Our newest $2 scratch off is Diamonds x10. This scratch off has a top prize of $10,000. Reveal a coin symbol and win the corresponding prize. Reveal a 5X symbol and win 5 times the prize for that symbol. Reveal a double diamond and win 10 times the prize shown for that symbol.

At $3, Twisted Treasures gives you a shot at a $30,000 prize. First scratch your numbers, then scratch the corresponding numbers in the “Your Paths” area and follow the path to your prize when you match four numbers in the same colored path.

Monopoly 25X is a $5 scratch off with a $150,000 top prize.  Win five, ten or twenty-five times the prize when you reveal a 5x, 10x or 25x symbol.

Our newest $10 scratch off 50x the Money has a top prize of $500,000. This scratch off gives you 20 chances to win. Find the money stack symbol and win the prize shown automatically.  

Check out your favorite Ohio Lottery retailer for these fun new scratch offs May 15 or click here to get a look at our entire offering of scratch offs!
Posted: 5/11/2019 10:59:42 AM