February Partners in Education - Teachers of the Month

Written by Dessiona Jackson

Congratulations to our February winners for the Partners in Education program!

Click Here to learn more about our Partners in Education program and nominate an outstanding student or teacher. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of each month.

Read more about February’s Teachers of the Month:

Saiida Bowie-Little“Mrs. Bowie-Little is highly recognized by her students for an ‘extremely beneficial’ teaching style that is fun. They also state she is gentle but firm, always making sure students stay focused and thoroughly attempting to work with each student. Faculty and staff members similarly observe Saiida’s warm nature, citing her willingness to help and go above and beyond professional expectations. Saint Martin is impressed with Mrs. Bowie-Little’s contributions: One, Saiida creates a classroom that makes students feel comfortable. Two, Saiida holds students to high standards while also helping them reach those standards. Three, Saiida uses strategies to improve the classroom environment, like encouraging students to use different options other than common unkind phrases or providing separate workspaces for those who need to catch up. We appreciate Mrs. Bowie-Little for modeling Saint Martin excellence.” – Gina Eaton, Administrator

“Mrs. Mead explores outside opportunities forAndrea Mead betterment of students’ physical and mental health. Her classes are much more than information in a book. She uses the content and makes it applicable to real life settings. Recently, Mrs. Mead worked collaboratively with the local health agency to administer a mental health assessment. For many students, what is portrayed for all to see is not what is really happening within the mind and personal life of a child. Arguably, Mrs. Mead has helped save students’ lives. She reaches students in many ways, and it is apparent that her content becomes a way of life for many of her students.” – Robert Priest, Administrator 

Jennifer Shade“Jenn is a teacher who always goes above and beyond the necessary classroom expectations of a teacher. She devotes her time after school once a week to reinforce a love and desire for science to our middle school students. Her love for science oozes out and overcomes our students who participate in the Science Club, a hands-on science lab that reinforces or stretches student knowledge of science. In addition, Jenn took on the role of Math Club advisor this school year when one of the math teachers was out on maternity leave. Jenn is very active in pursuing grants that enhance the learning experience of her students in her 7th grade science classes. This goes beyond the scope of Ohio Learning Standards for 7th grade science. Finally, Jenn is the sole organizer of the middle school science fair and devotes her classroom time to prepare students to showcase their science fair projects.” – Todd Shadley

“I was a visiting speaker to Mr. Hubbard’s classes. TheRandy Hubbard knowledge and caliber of student engagement is the direct result of this teacher. I was very impressed at the student knowledge and conceptual understanding in life applications that Mr. Hubbard has been able to facilitate. Exceptional work.” – Stacy Allard

Sarah Roseberry"Sarah is one of our special education teachers with students who have multiple disabilities. However, Ms. Roseberry services the needs of all Sherwood students every chance she gets. She makes herself available for tutoring, SEL-related needs, having a safe space or any other need we maybe have at the time. Ms. Roseberry has only been teaching for two years and both of those years have been at Sherwood MS. Her passion for building relationships with her students and her peers is unmatched. Her leadership within her team, and our building is one of a veteran teacher. Ms. Roseberry’s presence is felt throughout the building, and we are very lucky to have such a young educator make the kind of immediate impact she has made with our building community. I am excited about her growth in our work, but so impressed about how well she adapted and infused her own ‘uniqueness’ in these first couple of years.” – Sheila Evans

“Greg teaches Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, MathematicGreg Metzger Modeling and Reasoning and Physics to the students at River High School. All these courses are college prep courses and Greg does an excellent job not only educating the students in his classroom, but also preparing them for mathematics in college. Greg is a team player and works well with his colleagues. Greg is most deserving of this award!” – Ed Trifonoff, Administrator

Elizabeth Barkan“Mrs. Barkan is an outstanding band teacher! She is full of enthusiasm and charming character. All the kids and parents love her. I have enjoyed being a band mom and have seen all the wonderful and cool things she does for her kids. She is awesome and deserves recognition.” – Trisha Williams, Parent

“Nicole works very hard at connecting with all herNicole Varley students and their families. She is a positive role model for students as well as her colleagues. She is always positive, even when circumstances are extremely stressful. She collaborates with her teammates and works hard to run her class in a seamless manner, even with high numbers and ever-mounting paperwork.” – Heather Hathaway

Stephanie Dubois“Stephanie is the most kind and caring teacher ever. She is so passionate about teaching and puts her all into it. Past students recognize her everywhere she goes and talk about how much they love and miss her! I could not think of a better person deserving of this award” – Tia Valliant

Stay tuned to learn about February's Academic All Stars! 
Posted: 3/16/2023 11:14:26 AM