Winner Wednesday!

Get ready for some great fun on this Winner Wednesday!

We’ve got winners bringing in the month of March with a little extra green in their pockets from Ohio Lottery wins!

Rachel won $2 million on $2,000,000 Extreme Cash.

She’s not sure what she’ll do with her winnings, but we're guessing she'll find something great to spend it on!

She bought her winning ticket at Pak A Sak in Napoleon.

Theresa won $100,000 playing Wild Cash Multiplier.

She picked up her winning ticket at Buckeye Truck Stop in Leipsic.

She’s planning to invest her winnings and help her family.

Martha played Money Bag Multiplier and won $10,000.

She bought her winning ticket at Peoples News & Book Mart in Marietta.

John played Winner$ Galore and won the game’s top prize of $500!

He plans to buy more tickets and pay some bills thanks to his win.

He bought his winning ticket at Avenue Market and Deli in Mogadore.

You could be our next featured winner! After you cash your winning ticket, share it with us on social media using the hashtag #IWonTheOHLottery.
Posted: 3/2/2022 11:22:33 AM