Share a Ticket, Share a Win on Winner Wednesday!

We're wrapping up the month of June with a fun winner story full of friendship, tradition and a $1 million win!

Harold Maggard and Garrett Riethmaier like to play scratch-offs together. They often share in the purchase. 

Harold owns Dixie Delicatessen in Fairfield, so he and Garrett cross paths every morning.

They've known each other for years. Last Saturday Garrett came to the store, and Harold had a proposition for some shared play of the $30 scratch-off, Millions.

"I said I'll play with you this morning on one condition. We buy the rest of the roll. There were seven left," Harold said. 

Garrett agreed.

They don't scratch the entire ticket, they just scratch the bar codes. So, Garrett scratched and Harold scanned.

One of the seven scans revealed a $50 winner, and soon after another ticket revealed an even better prize!

"When I scanned it, the ticket the machine spit out a ticket and I saw the $40,000. I asked my son, what's this mean? He pulled the ticket and said it looks like you guys just won $1 million! We were speechless," Harold said.

Harold said it's the biggest winning ticket that he can remember at his location, but he knows for sure it's his biggest win.

Today, Harold and Garrett visited the Ohio Lottery's regional office in Cincinnati to make their claim.   

The pair will share the annuity prize of $40,000 a year for 25 years. After mandatory state and federal taxes totaling 28 percent, Harold and Garret will split $28,800 a year for 25 years. 

Congratulations, Harold and Garrett! 


Posted: 6/30/2021 1:21:13 PM