New Scratch Offs Ready June 12!

Every month we bring you a new batch of scratch offs that are fun and exciting and give you a shot at a top prize. This month, those new scratch offs will be ready on June 12 with anniversary fun, a big wheel and a ticket that glitters like ice!
New-Scratch-Offs-June-2.pngTry $50 In a Flash for $1. This scratch off is loaded with $50 prizes and a top prize of $5,000.

Our newest $2 scratch off is 45th Anniversary Black, and you could really celebrate with this scratch off’s $20,000 top prize. If any one or more of your numbers match either of the winning numbers, you win the prize shown below your matching numbers. Reveal a champagne symbol and win all 10 prizes shown.

You get two games in one with Combo Play. This $3 scratch off gives you a shot at a $50,000 top prize with the Money Multiplier game and Bonus Cash game.

Get ready to spin the wheel with the $5 scratch off Wheel of Fortune. You could win up to $100,000 or enter to win a trip to Hollywood for a chance to win up to $1 million!

Platinum Diamond Spectacular is our $20 scratch off with a $2,000,000 top prize. This sparkly ticket on holographic paper looks like ice. With over $30 million in $100 to $1,000 prizes and two games to scratch, you’ll want to give it a go! 

Don't forget you can enter your non-winning scratch-offs through MyLotto Rewards. Turn your tickets into points you can use to enter drawings or purchase gift cards or merchandise from our catalog.

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Posted: 6/7/2019 11:09:11 AM