Lottery Week is Here!

It's Lottery Week, and we're ready to share all the good news about lotteries, from how they benefit communities and businesses to how they bring a smile to winners' faces!

Lottery Week is a celebration of lotteries across the United States and Canada in acknowledgment of their collective contributions to the communities they serve.

Did you know that on average, about 94% of funds generated from traditional U.S. lottery games goes directly back into the economy through prizes, public beneficiaries and retailer commissions?

Lottery proceeds fund a variety of causes according to each jurisdiction’s guidelines from education to the environment, to health care and programs for seniors, and more.
Last fiscal year, lotteries generated sales of over $89.6 billion, resulting in more than $23.7 billion for their beneficiaries!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page all week for stats related to the Ohio Lottery and the benefits retailers, communities and schools see from lottery sales.

Plus keep an eye out for a post that's your chance to win a little lottery fun for yourself!

Posted: 7/11/2021 9:31:18 AM