Winner Wednesday

This has been a week full of sunshine and winning! Keep reading for this week's edition of Winner Wednesday.RichardGarner Erwin Behrend of Parma won $80,000 a year for 25 years on the $5 Million Payout instant ticket. He opted for the $1 million cash payout in lieu of the annuity. Richard Garner of Lancaster won a lot of cash this week. His winning 7 instant ticket was worth $150,000! AliciaHarless Alicia Harless of Marion won $20,000 on her Win Big instant ticket.JenniferDovenbarger1 VickiBroylesJennifer Dovenbarger of Warsaw was another $20,000 winner. She won on the $100 Million Money Explosion ticket.Richard Kapalin of Lorain won $20,000 on Million Dollar Multiplier. RandyYoung   Aaron Boothe of McArthur won $10,000 on the $100 Million Money Explosion. Chrissa Justin of Wakeman won $10,000 on the Extreme Millions ticket. Vicki Broyles of Calhoun  and Lori Myers of Willard both won $10,000 on the $500,000 Cashword instant ticket. Last but not least Randy Young of Van Wert won $10,000 on fun instant ticket Cash Times 50! Congrats to this week's winners! Happy winning Ohio!  
Posted: 7/18/2018 4:37:38 PM