Good-Bye 2021. Hello, New Scratch-Offs!

It's New Year's Eve!

Time for all of those resolutions to get in order as we start the new year at midnight.

We hope one of your resolutions will be to try one of the newest Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs out January 4th!

The $1 Luck of the Irish Tripler gives you a chance to win up to $5,000! Just match 3 identical prize amounts and win that prize. Match 2 identical prize amounts plus a symbol and win three times that prize automatically!

The newest $2 Scratch-Off Winner'$ Galore has an 80% payout. You could win up to $500.

Try the $5 Scratch-Off Multiply the Money where you play each row individually for your shot at the $500,000 top prize!  

Million Dollar Mega Multiplier is the newest $10 scratch-off, and it comes with a top prize of $1 million! Don't forget to scratch the Mega Multiplier in each row for a chance to multiply any prize won in that row.

For $30, try Monopoly 200X.  If any one or more of your numbers match any of the Monopoly numbers, you win the prize shown below your matching numbers. Look for the 20X, 50X, and 200X symbol to multiply your prize. Plus, the moneybag symbol to win all 25 prizes shown.

Don't forget the Show Us Your Lights Giveaway entry period ends January 2. Before you take down your holiday lights, snap a photo and enter to win National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Scratch-Offs. 
Posted: 12/31/2021 11:13:21 AM