New Scratch-Offs Coming September 7!

Get ready to scratch with the newest group of Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs at your favorite retailer on September 7.

Dog lovers will love the $1 scratch-off Doggone Lucky. This game has a $1,000 top prize. If any one or more of your dogs match the winning dog, you win the prize shown below your matching dog(s). Here’s one time where the doghouse is a good thing! When you find it, you win all four prizes shown.

The $2 scratch-off Power 10X has a top prize of $10,000. Scratch to reveal your numbers, and if any one or more of your numbers matches either of the winning numbers, you win the prize shown next to the matching numbers(s). If you scratch and find a battery symbol, you win $20 automatically.

Wild Cash Multiplier is a $5 scratch-off that gives you many changes to multiply your prize. It has nine games to play on one ticket and a top prize of $100,000.

$500,000 Cash is the newest $10 scratch-off with a top prize of $500,000! Look for the 10X and 20X symbols to multiply your prize or find the moneybag symbol in any row and win $500 automatically!
And don’t forget to scratch the two bonus boxes to win $50 or $100 automatically.

Find these new scratch-offs beginning September 7!

To learn more about the entire lineup of Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs, click here.
Posted: 8/31/2021 3:25:14 PM