New to MyLotto Rewards: Lottery Coupons!

We've got another way for you to use your MyLotto Rewards points to get more Ohio Lottery fun!

We're launching Lottery Coupons beginning August 24! 

Just like Lottery Cash, you can use your points to purchase a Lottery Coupon.

Watch our step by step video to learn how to purchase and use Lottery Coupons.

Each week, keep an eye on Redemption Central and click on Lottery Cash and Coupons to see what's available. 

This month we will launch a $5 Rolling Cash 5 Ticket coupon for 400 points. 

Once you purchase a Lottery Coupon, it will be stored under your account. You can print the coupon or bring it up in the Ohio Lottery mobile app to use it at any Ohio Lottery retailer.

There is a limited number of coupons and they will be restocked periodically throughout each week, so check Redemption Central often!

Posted: 8/24/2021 3:58:24 PM