Treasure Hunt Day 3

The Virtual Treasure Hunt continues!

Yesterday's coordinates led our treasure hunters straight to Hocking Hills. 

Located at 39.4237 N, 82.5379 W, you'll find hiking trails, caves, kayaking and other adventures in Hocking Hills. Click here to learn more about everything Hocking Hills has to offer!

Congratulations to Nell Givethanks who won a $200 destination package to Hocking Hills and $50 in Treasure Hunt Scratch-Offs! Connie Krehel, Vicky Howard Black and Barb Burns Virgili Toth all won $50 in Treasure Hunt Scracth-Offs.

Where will the Virtual Treasure Hunt lead you to next? Follow us on Facebook and watch for the next treasure map and comment the location associated with the coordinates listed for your chance to win!
Posted: 8/6/2020 10:57:07 AM