SKEE-BALL Takes You Back to the Arcade

It was invented in 1908, and today you'll find Skee-Ball alleys in arcades across the country. It might seem old fashioned, but it takes skill to launch the ball up the ramp and into that coveted 100 point slot! We're bringing the classic fun of Skee-Ball to you in a new EZPLAY game and instant ticket with second chances to win a Skee-Ball machine and other great arcade prizes! Check out our how to play video here. The SKEE-BALL instant is a $3 ticket with a top prize of $30,000. Simply scratch off your shots at the bottom of the ticket, then scratch the numbers on the SKEE-BALL board. Add up your points and check out the prize key to see how much you won. The EZPLAY SKEE-BALL game... The fun doesn't end there! Usee your non-winning SKEE-BALL tickets to enter to win one your very own home arcade! The grand prize includes a SKEE-Ball machine, PinBall machine, multi game system, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, $250 Xbox gift card, $250 Nintendo Switch gift card, and a $250 Twitch gift card. Five lucky players will win the second tier prize which includes a SKEE-BALL machine, Nintendo Switch and $250 Nintendo Switch gift card. Ten lucky players will win a Nintendo Switch and $250 Nintendo Switch gift card. Enter your non-winning tickets through MyLotto Rewards. When you enter, you'll be prompted to play the SKEE-BALL interactive game and playing gets you entered into a separate drawing for... ???
Posted: 8/17/2018 11:32:27 AM