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A punch of Good Luck!

Do you have a good luck charm? 

One lottery player in Smithfield found his in an Ohio Lottery sales rep!

Lottery Sales Rep Larry Scragg was visiting Vend-it in Smithfield a couple of weeks ago when a gentleman approached him. His name is Clarence. 

"He walked up to me and said, you're the lottery man. I said yes," Larry continued, "Then he tapped me with his fist and said I always wanted to hit the lottery!"

Get it? Hit the lottery?

Turns out, Clarence did hit the lottery literally and figuratively because his numbers, 777, came out on Pick 3 that same afternoon!

One week later, Clarence saw Larry again on his regular stop at Vend-it. Of course, he had to give him another tap!

"He comes up to me and tells me I'm his lucky charm because he hit over $7,500 that day, and every time he sees me he has to hit me," Larry said.

They both laughed and went on with their day, which got better for Clarence because his numbers came out again. 

Yep, Clarence hit the lottery AGAIN! We're guessing he'll be waiting to give Larry a tap in the arm the next time he stops by Vend-it.

Congratulations, Clarence!


Posted: 4/28/2022 10:42:06 AM

Winning BIG on Winner Wednesday

We're rounding out the month of April with cooler temperatures outside, but our winners are feeling the heat of big wins with Ohio Lottery games! 

Dolly was all smiles when she visited our regional office to claim her win on Pick 5. She won $25,417 in the April 23 evening drawing.

She bought her winning ticket at Get Go in Brunswick.

Congrats, Dolly!

Matthew from Barberton played EZPLAY Perfect Game 300 and won $19,414!

Bowlers would agree that's even better than a tenth frame turkey!

Matthew bought his winning ticket at the Winking Lizard Tavern in Canton.

Congratulations, Matthew!

You still have time this week to be a big winner with our MAGIC 8 BALL Giveaway.

Click here to ask the MAGIC 8 BALL a question and see what it reveals and to receive an entry to win MAGIC 8 BALL Scratch-Offs! 

Posted: 4/27/2022 11:00:21 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, To Go's Shell

Check out To Go's Shell in West Chester where employees go the extra mile to make Lottery players happy!

This retailer has two dedicated Lottery areas with self-serve station, over-the-counter bins, and an area for scratching and filling out cards. The store also cashes winning tickets whenever possible.  

The staff at To Go's Shell posts all winning tickets so you'll know about lucky winners who played at the store.  

They promote new games and make sure their Lottery players are having fun, so make To Go's Shell your next stop for Ohio Lottery games.

Posted: 4/25/2022 10:51:45 AM

Time for Winner Wednesday!

It's Winner Wednesday! We’ve got lots to celebrate with an anniversary of note and winner highlights to share. Last week, more than 3 million winners shared $59 million in prizes, both large and small.

This is a special week for the Ohio Lottery and Powerball,
with Ohio celebrating its 12th year of play in this special multi-state lotto game. The Ohio Lottery participated in its first Powerball drawing April 17, 2010. It’s been quite a ride since then. Prizes of $1 million or more (for matching 5-of-5 numbers without the Powerball) have been snagged 58 times by Ohio Lottery players since we raised the second-tier prize in 2012. We've also sold three jackpot prizes. In FY21 alone, players shared $58.6 million in prizes overall.

Draw games, scratch-offs, EZPLAY® Games and more, there are many games to choose from and enjoy. Here are a few winners from the past week:

Doug-hits-the-jackpot.JPGWe congratulate Doug of Chauncey. He won a $1-million annuity prize playing the Ohio Lottery's $20 scratch-off, $1,000,000 Cashword. He chose the top prize’s $500,000 cash option payment before taxes. He has plans for his winnings. He’d like to start a business and help his mom! Doug purchased the winning ticket at Cee Dee Handy Mart in Chauncey.

eric-wins-at-bingo.jpgIt was a “bingo” moment for Eric of Fremont earlier this week. He won a $50,000 top prize playing $5 Bingo Times 10 #184. He purchased his winning ticket from Speedway #1405 in Fremont.
Congratulations all! Wishing all of our readers here, a safe, fun and happy week!
Posted: 4/20/2022 11:00:00 AM

March Partners in Education Winners, Part 2

Congratulations to our March Academic All Stars! You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by clicking here. Nominations are due by 5 p.m. on the 10th of every month.

Check out March’s Academic All Stars:

Aidan Jones“Aidan is an excellent student and athlete at Little Miami High School in Morrow, Ohio. He has been nominated for multiple leadership roles throughout his time at LMHS. He leads by example and is a role model for all future Panthers. He is diligent with his studies as well as his involvement with the football program.” - Caleb Jones, Tacher

“Callie is a hard worker and one of the kindest studentsCallie Mack we have at TGMS. In her quiet way, she is considerate of others and very genuine. She is a good friend to others and takes initiative when it comes to including other students. She shines academically as well.” - Kelli Saksa, Counselor

Grayson Geese“Grayson is a 4.0 student despite a challenging choice of classes every year. Grayson is aspiring to become a commercial pilot and has made many sacrifices to work toward that goal. He earned his drone pilot license and is launching his own drone real estate photography business to help fund his college tuition. He is a three-year soccer letterman and has 119 hours of community service.” - Jamie Geese, Parent

“What makes Aja special is her drive to succeed and beAja Dudley a part of any activity that is moving our school community forward. Academically, Aja doesn’t settle for anything but her absolute best. She’s always been an honors student and encourages others to excel in academics also. Aja is a valuable member of our Jennings community. As a Student Ambassador, Aja has led school tours and welcomed CEOs and politicians into our building with grace and intellect that exceeds her years. There’s no one that has met her that hasn’t been impressed by her skill set and her demeanor.” - Kennie Green, Administrator

Aubree Patacca“Aubrie is a shining star! Her work ethic and passion for learning never goes unnoticed. She is a true asset to the learning community and always finds a way to help others in and out of the classroom. We are so proud to call her an Indian Valley Brave.” - Courtney Hursey, Teacher

“Keira has accomplished so much in her 14 years. SheKeira Greathouse is involved in band, student council, academic challenge team, ski club and just received a dual part in the school play. She was previously with the Singing Angels and a city rec cheerleader. She has empathy, is socially conscious, intelligent, has a great sense of humor, talented in so many ways and has genuine kindness.” - Maribeth Matestic

Congratulations to all the March winners!
Posted: 4/19/2022 10:00:00 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Big Daddy's Mini Mart

The staff at Big Daddy’s Mini Mart in Dayton is waiting for you to be part of their winning tradition!

You'll find friendly and knowledgeable staff and a Lottery area inside the store with everything players need.

Big Daddy's celebrates wins with posters of winning tickets, and they hold second chance promotions for customers in the summer.  

Give Big Daddy's Mini Mart a try for your next Ohio Lottery stop!

Posted: 4/18/2022 11:07:09 AM

It's Winner Wednesday!

Winning is part of the game at the Ohio Lottery! So, let's celebrate a couple of our recent big winners.

First, check out Robin.

He won $10,000 playing the MAGIC 8 BALL Scratch-off from the Ohio Lottery!

He bought his winning ticket at Kroger Co. #931 in Lancaster.

Robin said he nearly had a heart attack when he discovered he won $10,000. We're glad your heart held out, Robin! 

Michael popped into our regional office to claim his big prize.

He bought a Rolling Cash 5 ticket at Mickey Mart in Wellington and won $238,000 in the April 5, 2022 drawing! 

Congrats, Michael!

We had a lot of fun awarding Digital Lottery Cash in our Slots of Fun Variety Show on Facebook last night.

We gave away $4,000 in prizes to some very lucky winners, and we hope they're all basking in the glory of their wins today.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming promotions that you can be part of!

Looking for more recent winners? Check out our press release section by clicking here.
Posted: 4/13/2022 12:06:24 PM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, Homestead Variety

Fast. Friendly. Fun. Those are the words the employees at Homestead Variety in Oregon live by!

Homestead Variety has a number of regular customers and they maintain great relationships with all of them.

You can play your games in the store's dedicated Lottery area complete with a KENO monitor, and the staff will make sure you're updated on new games and jackpots.

They keep the bins full of Ohio Lottery Scratch-Offs for you to choose from.

When you visit Homestead Variety, the staff will get to know you and your games. Stop by and see them for your next Ohio Lottery purchase! 


Posted: 4/11/2022 11:41:14 AM

March Partners in Education Winners, Part 1

Congratulations to our March Teachers of the Month! You can nominate an outstanding student or teacher for Academic All Star and Teacher of the Month online by Clicking Here. Nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th of every month.

Check out some of our outstanding Partners in Education winners:

Nicole Fach“She has established a positive rapport with students, and demonstrates respect for and interest in individual experiences, thoughts, and opinions. She focuses on the dignity of the child and quietly responds to any redirection, refocus, remediation, or sensitive issue. Her routines are well-established and orderly and promote a sense of calm within the classroom. Nicole ensures that all students are treated fairly and with optimal opportunities to learn.” - Carol Rosiak, Principal

“Brooke is a fantastic teacher, and I am totally blownBrooke Peplinksi away with how much her students are engaged in their work and learning! Brooke is a special education teacher who provides most of her instruction in the resource room to students with disabilities. The students are actively engaged in their learning, having fun in the classroom, growing in their classroom abilities, and improving their behavior while doing so.” Brenda Frankart, Administrator

Alex Trassare“Alex goes beyond every day for his students. He teaches an exploratory class for both middle school and high school students. He worked with our students on science fair projects and helped them get to the district level. He is always looking to help when needed. He is a valuable member to the Milton-Union staff.” Greg Southers, Administrator

“Mr. Bogan has taught or worked with three of my fouTimothy Boganr children, and my fourth interacts with him outside the classroom on a regular basis. Not only is Mr. Bogan listed as a favorite teacher amongst my children, but their peers as well. He dedicates himself to knowing students on a personal and meaningful level and ensuring that those relationships result in learning. Mr. Bogan is also a coach who has worked with my three older children and from whom they have learned character traits that as a parent I find invaluable. Having role models like this in the field of education is vitally important in the lives of learners, and especially the development of young people (as a parent and an educator, I know this firsthand).” - Holly Kovalick, Parent

Jami Rawlins“Mrs. Rawlins exemplifies the qualities of a great teacher! She spends countless hours working with her students after school and on weekends so that they can refine their skills, compete at the highest levels, receive the recognition that they deserve, and earn their chances to pursue their music studies at the collegiate level. She gives them access to a whole world of opportunities beyond the classroom walls. They will take what they learn from her and carry that through the rest of their lives. Music transforms the soul and Mrs. Rawlins believes that through music, her students will transform the world!” - Elizabeth Raliff, Teacher
Jen Krontz
“This year, Crestwood consolidated the middle school with the high school. The merger has had its challenges and rewards. There were times that the 7th and 8th grade students felt a bit uncomfortable in their new home. But Jen has gone out of her way to include them. This is despite the fact that she doesn’t teach any 7th or 8th graders! All teachers try, but Jen puts her intentions into action. These actions set her apart from her peers.” - Kim Marfy, Teacher

Sara Dittfeld“Sara is invested in her students and their creativity. Each year, Sara’s students win rigorous contests at the local state and even national levels. Once a student takes a class with Mrs. Dittfeld, they become hooked and typically take every class she offers.” - Jody Ditcher, Administrator

Richard Guins
“He is an innovative and creative teacher and encourages his students to think outside the box. His main priority is for his students to develop their communication skills to be better prepared for the futures, rather than ‘teaching to the test,’ which unfortunately seems to have become the norm in the teaching profession in recent years.” - Christine Guins

Hats off to these awesome educators! Be sure to check back later in the month to read about the March Academic All Stars.
Posted: 4/7/2022 10:00:00 AM

It's Winner Wednesday!

We're celebrating some really big wins in today's Winner Wednesday blog, and EZPLAY Progressive Jackpots are really hot right now!

Terrance Carson of Ashtabula veered from his usual KENO play, and played EZPLAY Lucky 20's instead. 

His choice was a good one because he won the $446,970 jackpot!

Terrance got his winning ticket at Nave Lounge in Ashtabula. He's there from time to time because his unlce is the owner.

He plans to use the winnings to finish a house he's working on, and he said he'll probably take his uncle to dinner, too.

Mark Mahoney from Olmsted Township tried his luck with Ohio Jackpot 7s, and his luck was great!

He won the $300,980 jackpot! 

Mark got his winning ticket at Back Draft Bar & Grill in North Olmsted.

Cynthia Montle-Glass from Guysville won the top prize on $300 Million Diamond Dazzler! 

She chose the $1 million cash option prize.

Par Mar #153 in Athens sold the lucky ticket, and the retailer will receive a $10,000 bonus for selling a top prize winning ticket. Win, win!

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for all of the latest winner news!
Posted: 4/6/2022 9:53:20 AM

Meet our Retailer-of-the-Week, S D M

If you're looking for an experienced retailer with a selection of Ohio Lottery games always stocked, try
S D M in Rocky River.

The staff keeps the store neat and clean and the self-serve station and the scratch-off bins are always full.

They'll help you understand the games you're playing and give you a little good luck wish every time.

Why do they do it? They love to see people winning!

Stop by S D M for your next Ohio Lottery game!


Posted: 4/4/2022 11:48:06 AM

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