Taxes Paid Giveaway Winner Celebrates

Congratulations to Cathy Minor!

She won the Taxes Paid Giveaway, and now she's ready to showcase the painting she named.

Cathy submitted the name On Top of "OH" Mountains All Covered with $$$ and won the contest to name the original painting used in the Taxes Paid Family of Scratch-Offs commercial.

Click here to see the commercial.

Along with the painting, Cathy won $500 in Taxes Paid Scratch-Offs. 

Cathy says this was the first time she's entered a contest like this and she was surprised she won.

“I had actually forgotten about it! I came home from getting my second covid shot and pulled up my email and thought oh, wow!” Cathy recalled.

She won $315 from her scratch-offs. She said she purchased a couple of lottery tickets, and she's planning to place a little bet on the Kentucky Derby with some of her winnings this weekend. 

As for the painting, she's got a spot on the wall in her spare bedroom where she's going to hang it.   

Congratulations, Cathy! 
Posted: 4/27/2021 1:34:16 PM