Top Prize Drawing

TPD is discontinued

The Ohio Lottery has decided to discontinue the Top Prize Drawing (TPD) feature on future Scratch Offs. As part of the discontinuation of the TPD program, all Scratch Offs launched after July 1, 2016 no longer include a TPD entry or offer a TPD prize as part of the game. All future Scratch Offs will close when the last top prize becomes unavailable.

Please note this change does not affect current games that were developed to include the TPD feature, as the Ohio Lottery will award all winning entries their prizes according to current procedures. 

Thank you for making Ohio Lottery part of your entertainment fun.

What is TPD?

TPD stands for Top Prize Drawing. It is an added feature that is available on $5, $10 and $20 games.


We developed the TPD concept so players have a chance of winning a top prize, even when most of the game tickets have been sold. TPD extends the opportunity for players to win a top prize throughout the life of the game.


Tickets bearing the winning “TPD” combination as described on the game instructions and rules automatically qualify for the “TPD” drawing once the ticket has been properly claimed.

In addition to being entered into the Top Prize Drawing, all newer Scratch Offs with TPD prizes now pay $5,500, regardless of the price of the ticket. Any prize over $5,000 must be claimed at a Regional Lottery office.

Please note that older games with TPD prizes still pay between $1,000 and $2,500. See the Prizes Remaining page to review which games pay these smaller amounts.

The odds of winning the “Top Prize” are based on the number of valid “TPD” tickets claimed by the validation end date of the game.

The Ohio Lottery will send you written notification regarding the actual Top Prize Drawing date and random drawing format once that date has been established.


The Top Prize Drawing takes place at the end of a game's validation period or when all TPD winning tickets have been claimed - whatever comes first.

The Top Prize Drawing will be held no earlier than 180 days from the announced close date of the game.