Wheel of Fortune

Game Number: #806
Win up to $100,000!

How To Play

GAME 1: If any one or more of YOUR NUMBERS matches any of the WINNING NUMBERS, you win the prize shown below your matching number(s). Reveal a (STAR) Star symbol and win that prize automatically. Reveal a (MONEYBAG) Moneybag symbol and win $50 automatically. Reveal a (5X) symbol and win 5 TIMES the prize shown automatically! Reveal a (WHEEL) Wheel symbol and win all 15 prizes shown! GAME 2: Scratch YOUR 12 LETTERS above to reveal 12 letters. Scratch the corresponding LETTER(S) in the words below. Complete a WORD, win the prize shown for that WORD.

Overall odds of winning: 1 in 4

(806) Wheel of Fortune $5
Prizes Remaining TPD Status
$100,000 4
$10,000 9
$2,000 124
$500 1,003
$100 9,984
$50 69,956
$20 120,384
$10 403,566
$5 406,363
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