Special Edition Cashword

Game Number: #645
WIN UP TO $300,000!

How To Play

1. Scratch the CALL LETTERS one at a time to reveal a total of 20 LETTERS. 2. Scratch each letter in PUZZLE 1, PUZZLE 2 and BONUS WORD that matches the CALL LETTERS (letters may appear more than once). 3. Completely uncover three or more words in PUZZLE 1 or PUZZLE 2 by using the CALL LETTERS and win the corresponding prize shown in the Prize Key for that PUZZLE. 4. A "word" in PUZZLE 1 or PUZZLE 2 must contain at least three (3) letters. 5. A "word" in PUZZLE 1 or PUZZLE 2 cannot be formed by linking letters diagonally or by reading the letters from right to left or from bottom to top or by using only a portion of the letters in a complete "word" (i.e. "TON" within "STONE" is not considered a complete word). 6. Letters combined to form a complete "word" must appear in an unbroken horizontal or vertical sequence within the same puzzle. 7. Letters matched in PUZZLE 1 or PUZZLE 2 to form a "word" can only be used to form any complete "word" horizontally or vertically. To form a complete "word", you must match all of the letters within a possible "word" within the space allotted. BONUS WORD: Uncover all 6 letters in the BONUS WORD by scratching the letters that match a letter in the CALL LETTERS and win the prize shown in the PRIZE BOX.

Overall odds of winning: 1 in 4.11

(645) Special Edition Cashword $5
Prizes Remaining TPD Status
$ 300,000.00 5  
$ 5,000.00 10  
$ 1,000.00 46  
$ 500.00 3,627  
$ 100.00 12,605  
$ 50.00 40,607  
$ 40.00 45,132  
$ 30.00 63,417  
$ 25.00 181,906  
$ 20.00 226,554  
$ 10.00 740,549  
$ 5.00 965,211  
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