$10 Tens of Thousands

How To Play

Match “YOUR SPIN NUMBERS” shown on the wheel to the "TABLE NUMBERS" on the roulette table and win the PRIZE AMOUNT marked in the wheel.  Match one of the INSIDE / OUTSIDE BET TYPES and increase your win to the maximum $10,000.

WIN UP TO 10 TIMES PER TICKET!  Each of YOUR SPIN NUMBERS represents a separate spin. You win the prize marked in the wheel for each number you match. As an example, if the prize on your wheel shows "$25", and you match three numbers, you win $25 for each match of YOUR SPIN NUMBERS to the TABLE NUMBERS, for a total winnings of $75!


  • TOP LINE - Match ALL numbers to the Top Row
  • CORNER - Match all 4 Corner Numbers
  • COLUMN - Match ANY 4 in a COLUMN.
  • 01-06 - Match ALL Numbers 01-06.

PLEASE NOTE: The maximum amount you can win on any one ticket is $10,000.

Overall odds of winning: 1 in 3.62 Payout: 73.00%